47.5% ALC/VOL • 95 PROOF • 750 ML

Pouring a glass of River Card bourbon with Lady Luck on your side could be the beginning of a very exciting evening — it just feels like everything is going your way. This 95-proof straight bourbon has a slightly smoky aroma of sweet corn, a palate of silky caramel, apples, and a smooth vanilla finish with oak undertones.

APPEARANCE: Golden honey, medium amber
NOSE: Hints of smoke and sweet corn
PALATE: Silky caramel and apples
FINISH: Vanilla over smooth oak wood

The Inspiration

Inspired by the riverboat gamblers of the past, River Card is the perfect complement on a journey to the winning jackpot. Deal your friends in, and treat them to the best-tasting whiskey in its class. No matter how the cards are dealt, Lady Luck will charm everyone at the table.